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My name is Kimberly and this past March, I was fortunate enough to attend Allison’s Spinning Pole Teacher Training which was held at Sinsational Pole Dance Studio in Jensen Beach, Fl
Allison was terrific and made the class interesting and fun!!  We all had such a good time and learned soooo much that weekend!!!!
My only complaint is that it went by to quickly!!!!
Thank you Allison for your love of Pole and wanting to share it with others, for all your hard work in creating your own training manual and this course, and for all you do in the Pole Community!!!!!!
I would highly recommend Allison’s Teacher Training to anyone interested in sharing their love for pole!! – Kimberly C., Jensen Beach, FL


When I went to college my main focus was teaching dance; many of my courses were based around that idea. I feel that Aerius Fitness Training has summed up my college experience in two days! I don’t know of many courses that can do that. I must say, Aerius has been one of the most comprehensive, well thought out training courses I’ve taken. Allison Sipes really has thought out, to the tee, what a pole instructor needs to know and then some. Not only does she focus on safety, she makes sure you understand the theory behind teaching to further enhance your abilities with your students. As a result, I’m proud to say that I am Aerius Fitness Certified. – Andrew C., Orlando, FL


I have been pole-ing for several years and teaching pole for 2.5 years and I would recommend Aerius Fitness Training for level 1-2 spin pole to anyone that wants to be an instructor. It’s so much more than teaching you “moves” you already know. I was really happy that this course instructed safety. I was taught to be a better spot for my students. I also found the information on class structure super helpful. It really assists in keeping class organized and I can be sure my students are getting the most of our time. We discussed many things like stretching and the most effect time to do it, to how to handle different personalities in class. You could not ask for a more complete training! This course provides all the right information to becoming a safe instructor who can help their students to achieve the most progression.  – Heather S., Altamonte Springs, FL


Allison Sipes’ Aerius Spinning Pole workshop was excellent! Allison is a phenomenal teacher and her workshop was fun and informative. She does a great job breaking down  the concepts and differences between teaching on a spinning pole as opposed to a static pole.  After completing the Aerius Spinning Pole workshop I have a better understanding of the physics and mechanics of spinning pole techniques. This workshop helped me grow as a pole instructor! – Stacy D., Pompano Beach, FL

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