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What is Aerius Fitness Training?

Aerius Fitness Training programs are accredited instructor training and continuing education courses for pole and aerial fitness. Upon course completion, participants receive a certificate signifying that they have successfully completed the 16-hour course, and passed the written and practical exam sections of the training. As the industry grows and changes, continuing education is encouraged to stay up to date. Each new learning experience adds credibility, and students will appreciate that you’ve made an effort to improve your teaching, expand your repertoire, study and grow. The more diverse your education, the more marketable you become as an instructor.


How do I obtain my Continuing Education Credits for ACE and AFAA?

The Aerius Fitness Training program is recognized by ACE (American Council of Exercise) and AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) as a qualified, professional fitness certification. In order to receive your CEUs, you must pass both the written and practical exam administered at the end of the training course. Upon successful passing, you will receive a certificate and a form that includes the qualification numbers for ACE and AFAA certified holders to submit to uphold their certifications with ACE and AFAA.


What can I expect in this 2 day training? Will I be tested?

The Aerius Fitness Training program is a comprehensive 16-hour training that covers anatomy, dance, teaching techniques, choreography, progressions/regressions, strength and flexibility conditioning, as well as beginning and intermediate pole/aerial movement. The trainings focus on safety and effective spotting techniques, as well as class management and formatting. The first day of the training will include lecture and practical sessions. Day 2 will be mostly practical and will conclude with a written and practical exam.


What if I don’t pass the written and/or practical exam?

We are committed to helping you succeed. We provide three options for re-testing.

1. Resubmit your practical assessment via video for no charge.

2. Resubmit your written assessment via an online testing portal for no charge.

3. You may attend the entire Aerius Fitness Training again at a discounted rate of $199, at which time you would repeat the course work as well as the written and practical assessment at a live training.

To re-test or for more info about the re-testing process, email info@AeriusFitnessTraining.com.


What can I expect in the 2 day training?

Click HERE to learn more about the Aerius Fitness Training courses.


What are the requirements for the training?

Spinning Pole Course – Level 1 & 2: Beginner and Intermediate. It’s recommended that the registrant have a basic knowledge of anatomy, body alignment, and simple strength training exercises and that he/she have practiced or instructed pole for a minimum of 6 months. Aerius Fitness Training courses are ideal for both new and experienced pole fitness instructors-enhancing teaching skills and expanding pole fitness knowledge. Participants do not need to have prior experience as a fitness instructor. Prior experience in one or more of the following areas is helpful: dance, gymnastics, yoga or pilates.

How can I prepare for the exams?

On day 1 of the training, you will receive a 200+ page, full color, course manual that is yours to keep. The Master Trainer thoroughly explains each topic in depth and is committed to preparing each trainee for the written and practical exam on Day 2.


What do I wear to the training?

We recommend that you refrain from wearing jewelry, lotion or oils on the days of the training, and wear shorts and a tank top for pole fitness. Bring a change of clothes and please be aware that temperatures vary in the studio environment so you will need to dress accordingly.


Will there be breaks during the training?

There will be a one hour lunch break each day, and several shorter breaks throughout. We recommend that you bring snacks and water with you to the training to tide you over should you need something while the training is taking place.


What is the refund/cancellation policy?

We do not issue refunds and the monies collected may not be transferred or substituted for another service. If for any reason you are unable to attend the training which you registered and paid for, you must send an email to info@AeriusFitnessTraining.com to reschedule to attend an alternate training at a later date.